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PostSubject: SERVER RULES    SERVER RULES  EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 5:32 am


1. Using Third Party Program/Software such as Bot / Hack / Cheat which are not provided by the server are not allowed.
(Punishment: Account Block/Permanent Ban).

2. Players disorders such as teasing, threatening, or causing stress and unwanted attention to other players. And using the expertise of Bug.
(Punishment: 1week Ban to 1month/ Permanent ban case to case basis).

3. KS/Kill Steal / Stealing mobs that are being attacked by other players.
(Punishment: 1week to 1month chatblock).

4. Cursing Admin and GM.
(Punishment: -500 Bright Points Chatblock +1week or permanent ban case to case basis).

5. Cursing Staff.
(Punishment: -200 Bright Points Chatblock +1week or permanent ban case to case basis).

6. Using Names that are Vulgar / obscene, sexually explicit, violent, racist, ethnically offensive language vulgarity.
(Punishment: Requires deletion of Character after receiving warnings from Staff.or (Permanent Ban / Block Account) (Chance to prevent character deletion, Pm Admin to change your character name for free and -300 Bright Points)

7. Using other server name as name of your character.
(Punishment: Requires Deletion of Character -100 characters Bright Points or Permanently ban / block of account)

8. Violations in-game features such as Abuse of using megaphone, Spamming or Flooding and flooding bad words.
(Punishment: 1 week Chatblock and -200 Bright Points)

9. Spread of False Information such as spreading of false rumors about the Game, the Company, and Advertising other servers.
(Punishment: 1 month Chatblock/ Permanent Character and account ban case to case basis)

10. Disruption of Events made by Admin/GM or Staff.
(Punishment: 1Week to 1 month Chatblock -500Bright Points)

11. Hacking/ Scamming account/items .
(Punishment: Permanent Ban/ Character or Account Block)

12. Impersonating Admin or GM.
(Punishment: Permanent Ban / Account Block)
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